Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost? 
There is no cost, but you do need to meet eligibility requirements.

How can I qualify for Free GED classes?
Eligibility for GED classes sponsored by Workforce Solutions Cameron requires the following: Age 16 years and older and not attending school; U.S. citizen or non-citizen authorized to work in the U.S.; and meet Military Selective Service requirements (males only).  In addition, priority is given to public assistance recipients, other low income adults, and individuals who are basic skills deficient.  Classes offered by other partners such as BISD Adult Continuing Education have different eligibility requirements.

What do I need to do to get started?
Attend an orientation or call us at (956) 621-3850 so that we can schedule you for an appointment.

When does GED orientation take place and what do I need to bring?
Informational orientations are held every Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. in our centers located at 851 Old Alice Rd. in Brownsville and 601 E. Harrison in Harlingen.  No documents are needed for the orientation, but you may want to bring something to take notes.

When are classes available?  
Classes are available in the morning, afternoon and evening.  Some classes are also available on Saturdays.  Class schedules vary by partner location.

How long does it take?
Classes normally last 3-4 hours each day. The time frame to attain your GED depends on your individual progress.  

Do you have classes in Spanish?
GED classes sponsored by Workforce Solutions Cameron are not offered in Spanish.  However, Proyecto Juan Diego in Brownsville does offer GED in Spanish. You may contact Proyecto Juan Diego at (956) 542-2488.

How can I get more information about Free GED Classes?
For more information, please contact us at or at (956) 621-3850.