The Parental Involvement Outreach Program was developed to service parents of preschool age children as well as other members of the community by educating them about the importance of getting involved in their child’s education.  The Parental Involvement Coordinator designs fun, easy and educational activities to do with parents/guardians during the workshops.  These activities are aligned with the CLI Engage assessments used by teachers in most Cameron County school districts.  Ask your daycare’s director or child’s school teacher if Parent Workshops are available at your child’s daycare or school.  It’s a great way to become involved in your child’s education.

Parent Workshop Topics:

*Letter Recognition




*Initial Sounds


*Number Recognition

*Math Skills

Parent Meeting Topics:

*The Importance of Reading

*Why is Reading Important & Do we really to do it?

* The Importance of Homework

* Bullying-What is it and How can we prevent it?

If you would like to Request a Workshop please fill out a request by clicking here (Childcare Providers & ISD Admin. Only):