Frequently Asked Questions

How can WFS Cameron help me to hire people?

WFS Cameron has a Business Services Unit (BSU) comprised of knowledgeable individuals that can assist with recruiting, screening, and the referral of qualified job seekers. The BSU can also provide consulting on special topics, such as finding resources for funding and education.

How do I place a work order?

You can place a work order (Job Posting) two ways: 1. You can call your nearest Workforce Solutions Cameron Center and speak to a Business Services Unit Representative. They will take all the information needed to enter a Job Posting for your company into the state-wide job matching 2. You can go into and register as an employer. Follow the instructions on the user friendly state-wide job matching system to enter a Job Posting.

How can I get my employer tax number?

You will need to contact your local TWC tax office:Click Here